December 6, 2008

Large nugget tins (chocolate and tealights)

Well, I thought these nugget tins turned out great! I am so proud of how they look PLUS they were fun to make. I really enjoyed preparing for my first craft show. Unfortunately, not a single one of the large nugget tins sold. That's a bit disappointing. They'd make yummy stocking stuffers! I guess I know what EJ will be giving to his teachers this year!
Just some general and birthday tins. I wouldn't mind receiving one of these homemade gifts!

I decided to do some tins with tealight candles just in case someone didn't like chocolate (do those people really exist?). I wrapped the tealights in DSP to make them look nicer and added a divider.


The Guru said...

consult the guru on crafts

Joy said...

I think they look great, Amy! Can't figure out why noone bought any!!