January 11, 2010

Some things I am working on...

There is an upcoming Business Night I was invited to attend, which I am completely thrilled about! I've been working on crafts to sell while also hoping to get a new customer base. These events really light a fire under me and motivate me to "touch my business." I'm mostly making Valentine-themed items. It's fun to stick to one holiday and work on projects surrounding it.
These nuggets tins are a favorite of mine. I figure I could make a few and possibly take orders, if need be.
3 x 3 cards (pkgs. of 5 w/envelopes) that need to be colored.

Both these items are going to people who RSVP and tell me they plan on visiting my table next week.

Conversation heart sliders
These are really easy and fun to make!

I saw this candle on a few blogs, so I decided to try it myself. For some reason, I have a hard time stamping with this stamp. Does anyone else? Also, I am looking for your input as to where to buy candles. So far, the ones I've bought drip alot!

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