June 1, 2008

Hostess Appreciation

I hosted my very first Hostess Appreciation party today and we had fun! Even though all my hostesses were not able to attend, the ones that did enjoyed playing BINGO. Originally it was supposed to be a BUNCO, but I didn't have enough to play. Luckily, my upline gave me the BINGO idea and it worked well. Prizes were given for the following BINGO patterns: Diagonal, Railroad, Inside Frame, Outside Frame, Four Corners, and Full House. The ladies got to choose from a basket for some of the wins and the ones that won for Full House, Four Corners and Outside Frame got Stampin' Up!(R) bucks.

My variation on the flap card. The card is closed by a magnet.

After playing BINGO, the ladies made two make-and-take projects. The first one was a Pop Up card. When I saw THIS card, I knew I had to CASE it...thanks Dawn! Luckily, my newest downline, has been letting me borrow this stamp set. I really do like it!

The other project was a potpourri bag.

I made some appetizers and desserts. They included: sweet and sour meatballs, mushrooms, two dips in bread bowls, fruit salad, chocolate chip cookies, and (saving the best for last) Paula Deen's recipe for Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding. This one is worth trying! Let me know what you think!

When everyone completed the projects, I gave the hostesses their gift from me. Earlier in the week, I asked each of them their favorite Stampin' Up!(R) color(s). Based on that, I made them their own monogram cards and bag. These bags are so simple. Follow THIS tutorial to learn how to make them.

During this time, I thanked this wonderful group for all the fun I've had with them over the last few years. It's so sad that this year we will be moving, but I know I am leaving them in good hands (I mean you, Selena). Thanks, guys, for being the best stampers and choosing to stamp with me!

Some of the gang!


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