July 25, 2008

Convention swaps

This first swap is using the Garden Whimsy stamp set and a technique called SPOTLIGHTING. I love the black, white, and gray combination with Lovely Lilac! To ensure that this sample wouldn't take forever to make, I only made 50 and didn't use any accessories. You can add ribbon underneath the tulips, if you choose.

The awesome group that I am part of, is having a get together next Friday night at our hotel. I only had to make 20 of these for the swap, so I was able to add more accessories. It turned out pretty cute using the color combo of Chocolate Chip, Elegant Eggplant, and Always Artichoke. This is the True Friend stamp set, Boho Friend wheel, Chocolate Chip 5/8" ribbon, Ice circle rhinestones, and, if you look closely, I did do the ROCK and ROLL technique on the layer behind the words.


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