July 24, 2008

What have I been?

I am still here! I know I am not as good as posting daily as other demonstrator's are, but I am always here in thought! Last weekend I had a Retirement party that wasn't really a party at all. I only had one friend come...typical for me. I try, I really do! I offer LOTS of specials, have make-and-takes (notice the plural) AND yummy snacks! I don't know what else to do to get more bodies at my house. BUT...

I AM SO EXCITED Convention is less than a week away! I believe that by being there, my motivation will be through the roof! That will help me tremendously with my upcoming move. To be honest, getting customers is the most difficult part of this job. Learning how to get and maintain customers will be a focus over the next few months. Moving is hard because you lose that customer base you've built over a few years.

Anyway...I will post the two cards from the party that wasn't and I am currently finishing up my swaps. I decided to just swap 50 cards at my first Convention. Our group is having a get together on Friday night and I am making 20 swaps for that. Those pics will be posted when I have better lighting. See ya soon!

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